Sunday, February 9, 2014

Drum Roll.................Fashion Style of the Week

Selena Gomez rocks it in her leather pants and well put together ensemble

You can really do a lot with black leather pants. Make it really stand out with a red top. Leather pants are good for any occasion and depending on how you style it you can make it look casual, sexy or chic. There are many different styles that you can create with leather pants. Selena paired it nicely with a white blazer and black top underneath. Wearing a white blazer gives you the illusion of length at the torso and makes you look slimmer and taller. Think I need to go on a mission for some leather pants!

Photo credit in image by Splash

 Get the Look
H&M- Pleather Pants- $34.95
Charlotte Russe- White Blazer- $32.99

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The weather was nice but cool so I decided to go with some Skinny's and boots. Can't go wrong with Skinny's! I wore a black halter top with beading to add a little Pizzazz and a white blouse over it. My accessory was my leather purse from Relic. I think a nice silver bracelet would've been a great finishing touch.

Blouse- Craigslist
Halter Top- Craigslist
Skinny's- Virginia's Outlet (Thrifted)
Boots- Ross (awhile back)
Relic handbag- Thrifted

I LOVE Fashion and love saving. If it's full price I don't usually want to buy it. This blog is not for the luxury name brand people. I love outlet malls, sales, thrift stores and FREE. You'll be surprised how good you can look for ridiculously low prices. Shhhh, that will be our little secret. Stay tuned, as some of my posts will feature my little mini me (fashionista in training) and fashion pick of the week:). Sorry if you can't really see some of the details, still learning how to photograph fashion properly.